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Proactive is my management philosophy here at O'Kelly's, our intent is to comply fully with all rules and regulations regarding my liquor license and the City of Fargo.

Recently, we had an incident in which a few of our employees were found drinking on premise long after the bar had been closed. Along with working closely with the Fargo Police Department, I felt that we needed to implement a video surveillance system which would allow us to monitor operations on site, as well as remotely. Requirements were that myself, along with my management team, would be notified of any movement during specified hours and that no video was to be stored in house.

From my research, I found that byRemote could provide us with the video solution that I was looking for. With byRemote storing the video off-site on their servers, I'm assured that the video can't be tampered with and we have anytime access to the video, regardless where we're at. Once the system was installed, a motion detection feature was added to notify my by e-mail with video snapshots of any person or persons that were at the bar during the restricted hours. All of my employees know that they are to be out of the bar by a certain hour and they know now that they will be recorded if they're not.

Preventative is the key word.... all of my employees have been made aware of the cameras and know that myself and my management team are monitoring the video. I feel that the video surveillance allows us to run a "tighter ship" and actually, our employees appreciate this.

In closing, I would recommend byRemote to anyone who is planning to install a video surveillance system. The installation was professional and quick and the after-installation support is provided with a low monthly fee and now with this being done, I have more time to concentrate on managing the rest of my business."

Mike C. - Owner
O'Kelly's Tastes & Toddies


Why byRemote, Inc.?

Experienced Provider
byRemote, Inc. has been providing reliable and stable IP surveillance solutions since 1998.  In 2001 we launched the byRemote Surveillance Center web-based network camera management software which has been implemented and supported for clients spanning from New York to Hawaii.  Our trained and dedicated team has over 50 years of combined experience with IP cameras and data networks.  When choosing a surveillance provider you should select a company who specializes in the type of system you need.  Surveillance has come a long way over the past few years and it is byRemote's priority to educate our customers on the differences between IP network-based systems versus outdated VHS or DVR systems.

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Managed Services
Imagine being able to manage your surveillance video as a service versus maintaining cumbersome hardware components.  Do not piece together different systems to "make it work" any longer.  Add only the number of cameras you need, where you need them, and let byRemote do the rest.  You will be able to access your live and recorded video from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  byRemote, Inc. offers Hosted Video as a Service (HVaaS) and Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) platforms.

Open Platform
Our open platform architecture gives our customers the ability to install the byRemote Surveillance Center on Linux or Windows operating systems.  100% web-enabled software running Apache Tomcat and Java means no expensive OS server license is required.

Certified Installers
Be sure to qualify your installer when selecting a surveillance system.  Experienced installers will conduct a site survey, analyze your needs for desired outcome, recommend solutions that will allow you to expand well into the future and supply you with a custom solution to meet your expectations.  byRemote partners with industry leaders when installing your system including knowledgeable consultants, certified cable technicians and networking specialists.

Partner Program
byRemote, Inc. not only sells to end-users, but we are also a Master Managed Service Provider (MMSP).  We offer our services for resale to technology solution providers which provides them with the opportunity to become Managed Service Providers (MSP) in order to establish their own subscriber-based services and recurring revenue models.

Access to Demonstrations
Qualified surveillance providers should be able to give you access to a live demonstration.  This gives you a better sense of how the system looks, functions and best meets your needs.  Demonstrations can be available as an onsite system, online system or you may be asked to meet at the provider's office.  byRemote offers all of these demonstrations and we are constantly adding to our online demonstration.

Customer References
Always ask for references when choosing a surveillance provider.  You should ask for a list of references which are related or similar to your own in both size and industry.  byRemote is able to provide you with a list of satisfied customers in nearly every market.  This list of references is available upon request.


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