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"The network video system gives me state-of-the-art security at an affordable price. I would recommend this system to any small business owner looking to improve security and surveillance in their stores."

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Video Surveillance Center Software

The Video Surveillance Center software is web-based camera management and recording software that was created by byRemote, Inc. Our vision in designing the Video Surveillance Center software was to create a network-based video surveillance solution that was user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple to access. From anywhere and at anytime. The Video Surveillance Center Software does not require that any client-side software be installed on your computer. Or that a relay server device be installed on-site. All that you need is a web-browser and an Internet connection.

Our open architecture platform means that the Video Surveillance Center software can be installed on a standard computer for a local installation or on a server for recording the video from multiple remote locations off-site for centralized video storage. 

For more information on the Video Surveillance Center Software, please visit our new web site at; byRemote Video as a Service.

See what the video looks like. Just click on the OFF-SITE HOSTED VIDEO DEMO link for a live streaming video demonstration.


Guest Login
Username: demo
Password: brdemo1

Sample Screenshots
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Select viewing groups

Select single camera view

Select archive by date

Select archive by hour

Instant archive playback

Create movie clips: 1.8Mb
(Requires Quicktime)

Some of the features available in the Video Surveillance Center software

  • Viewing Station. Any computer becomes a viewing station.
  • Anytime and Anywhere Access. The live streaming and recorded video may be accessed with a browser connection and a valid username and password.
  • Instant Live Video Viewing. The Video Surveillance Center software does not require an on-site relay server device. The video is collected directly from the network camera or video encoder.
  • 24-hours per Day Recording. Not just by motion detected video clips. This permits the video to be reviewed before and after an incident for verification 
  • Username and Password. A unique username and password is required to view the live streaming and recorded video. Each username and password is assigned to a user level.
  • Time Zone. The video from each camera or video encoder channel will show the correct time zone  for where it is located.
  • Scalable. Support for an unlimited number of cameras. Add additional cameras at any time.
  • Graphical User Interface. User-friendly and easy navigate. 
  • Native Resolution Viewing. The Video Surveillance Center software uses the actual resolution from the camera for the viewing of the live streaming and recorded video.
  • Group View. View the live video from multiple cameras from multiple locations. All on one screen. Multiple Group Views of cameras can be created. Users may create their own Group views. Cameras cn be tiled across the top for wide screen viewing
  • Pop-up Window. Individual cameras or Groups of cameras may be viewed in their own window when the Video Surveillance Center software is closed or minimized.
  • Snapshot from the Live Video. The Snapshot feature from the live streaming video takes an instant JPEG image. You may then add comments in the text box and the print, email or save the image. 
  • Recorded Video. Playback recorded video immediately. From the cameras location or remotely, using the Internet. 
  • Recorded Video Calendar and Hours View . For recorded video, a graphical calendar and hours grid is used to select the day and hour for which the recorded video is to be viewed. 
  • Recorded Video Playback Controls. The recorded video may be fast forwarded or reversed or go frame by frame. The "go to" feature brings you to a specified time.
  • Video Clip Creation. Create video clips from the recorded video. These video clips are stored on the video storage computer or server for viewing and download.
  • Snapshot from the Recorded Video. The Snapshot feature from the recorded video takes an instant JPEG image. You may then add comments in the text box and the print, email or save the image. 
  • Mobile Device Support. The Video Surveillance Software is a ground-up web-based application. The live streaming video may be viewed by most mobile devices.

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