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CCTV-to-IP: Convert Your Analog System

Do you have an existing analog CCTV surveillance system using VCR or DVR-based recording?  Is it time to upgrade or repair the hardware?  DVR-based systems have served their purpose but are quickly on their way out and managed network-based systems are replacing them.

Don't throw away your investment in order to gain all of the benefits an IP-based solution can provide.

Convert your CCTV system today!

How does it work?
Connect your existing analog cameras with BNC connectors into the Axis video encoder.  There are 1-channel and 4-channel encoders available.  One Ethernet Cat5 cable also connects to the Axis video encoder which simply connects your CCTV cameras to your network.  It is really that simple!

Once your CCTV cameras are converted to IP technology, you are now free to use any IP surveillance software or service available on the market today.  Better yet, connect them to the byRemote Hosted Video as a Service (HVaaS) and store the video remotely to a centralized secure server and access your entire system from any computer using a web-browser.  No software is needed and on-going support and up-dates are included! 


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Compatible Devices

The following video encoders are compatible with the byRemote Video Surveillance Center web-based video management and recording software. If there is a model that you are interested in but is not listed on this page, please contact us.

Axis Communications

Video Encoders/Blades/Decoders

    Axis 241S
    Axis 243SC
    Axis 247S
    Axis 240Q
    Axis 241Q
    Axis 241QA
    Axis M7014
    Axis Q7404
    Axis P7701 Decoder

For more information on converting CCTV video to IP video, click on the link below.

CCTV to IP Conversion

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