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 Video as a Service from byRemote, Inc.

Video as a Service, or VaaS for short, is the term that byRemote, Inc. coined for its video surveillance solution products. Whether you require that your video be recorded off-site or on-site, we have a VaaS video recording product for you. The VaaS products are available in a budget-friendly subscription plan method that is available on a month-by-month basis. The subscription plan may cancelled, up-graded or down-graded at any time. No contracts.

In addition to the VaaS video storage products, byRemote has other available services which are designed to complement the VaaS products.

  • Off-Site Hosted Video
    For the Off-Site Hosted Video VaaS products, all that is required are IP network cameras and a connection to the Internet. The video is transported over the Internet and is recorded to remote secure servers. As no surveillance video is recorded on-site, the Off-Site Hosted Video VaaS products offers added security by safely storing the surveillance video out of harms way from fire or smoke damage, water damage, theft or vandalism. The live streaming and recorded video  may be accessed at any time by logging onto the account in the Video Surveillance Center software with an authorized username and password. The Off-Site Hosted VaaS products are the Hosted Video as a Service (HVaaS).

  • Managed Video Surveillance Service
    The Managed Video Surveillance Service is another industry first for byRemote. Following the success of the Off-Site Hosted Video as a Service (VaaS) products with their management features, we have added the Managed Video Surveillance Service for our other Video as a Service products. This ensures that your network video surveillance system is functioning at its top performance.

  • Support
    With the subscription service for the VaaS product, on-going support by phone, email and on-line is included. Not just for a limited time. The support will continue for as long as your subscription is active.
  • IsItUp Service
    The IsItUp Service monitors the status of the cameras, computers or servers. Should the device happen to go off-line an email will be issue to a designated primary contact. The IsItUp Service is included in the subscription fee for the VaaS product. For more information, click on; IsItUp Service.
  • Updates and Upgrades
    Updates and upgrades for the Video Management System software are included in the VaaS product subscription fee. This ensures that the most current version of the Video Management System software is being used.
  • Logo Branding
    The standard user interface for the Video Management System software can have your logo added. This will give the standard user interface for the Video Management System software your company identity. The re-branded  user interface is available for the Hosted Video as a Service Video as a Service solution. An addiional fee is required. For more information, click on; Video Management System Logo Branding.
  • Free Test Drive
    You provide the video stream from a network camera, video converter, DVR or NVR and we will supply a 30-day free test drive of the Video Management System software. Free 30-Day Test Drive.
  • Request a Quote
    Just visit this link; Free Quote. The, complete the online Quote Request. We will then send you a Free Quote for the byRemote Hosted Video as a Service.

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